Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nov 29 Kahala Beach Wedding - Jack & Helen

The most scenic location in Hawaii for destination beach weddings.

Garden Wedding Photos

The Kahala peninsula is our favorite garden backdrop for wedding photo shooting, maintained on public property by the Kahala Resort Hotel.

Gorgeous Hawaii Weather

The weather was so nice on Jack & Helen's wedding day, the colors in their photos are so vibrant!

Kahala Resort Hotel

Nice view of the Kahala Resort Hotel in the background.

Charming Bride

As we are called "Bridal Dream", the BRIDE always gets more photos. (But the Groom never seems to complain when we give him a break.)

Helen Looks Great!

Very Photogenic Bride and a great poser.

The Bride

Very nice choice of the Bride's dress!

A splash of color in a black & white photo.

Wedding Photo Shoot

Time to shoot wedding photos after the ceremony.

May I Have This Dance?

Love to see the Bride & Groom dancing after their "first kiss".

You are now HUSBAND & WIFE...

"You may kiss the Bride..."

Bride holds Groom's Ring

The Bride places the Groom's wedding ring on his finger.

Wedding Rings

The wedding ring exchange is an important part of the wedding ceremony.


The wedding guests are after my job!

Wedding Guests

The guests all flew to Hawaii from far & wide to give their blessings and wish the new couple happiness.

I like to shoot pictures of people shooting pictures.

Bride's Flowers & Accessories

The Bride adorns herself with a lovely necklace and Orchid Flower Bouquet.

Amazing Wedding Dress

Helen brought the most amazing wedding dress we've ever seen!

Jack & Helen's Wedding at Kahala Beach

What a beautiful location to get married at Kahala Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Here Comes the Bride...

Jack waits for his Bride as she makes her entrance, escorted by her Father.

Nov 29 - Bride's Finishing Touches

Helen does her final touches... ready for her big day!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Chinese Interpreters in Honolulu

Benjamin BOU
5386-8588 C
Tony Shi
Esther Tsai SUGG
597-1799 P/F
Esther Tsai SUGG
597-1799 P/F
Tony Shi
Xin LIU, Ph.D.
222-4230 C
737-7600 P/F
Tony Shi
Esther Tsai SUGG
597-1799 P/F
Robert Z. WU
Acting HITA President
381-2027 c